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Canton Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

Have you been charged with domestic violence? Has a no-contact or restraining order been issued against you? These are serious charges with an emotional undercurrent that makes them even more challenging. You need a Canton domestic violence defense lawyer who will stand by your side and fight to get you through this without a criminal record and without jeopardizing your relationships with the ones you love. You can find that attorney at Kaplanis Law Offices.

Understanding Domestic Violence Charges

By definition, domestic violence involves family members or people in a domestic relationship. Typically, it involves spouses. It may occur during a divorce or it may lead to a divorce.

In many cases, neither side wants charges to be filed. One side calls the police, hoping for intervention or to scare the other side. Instead, the police come and make an arrest. The alleged victim may ask the prosecutor to drop the charges, but it is unlikely that he or she will be successful. Prosecutors are serious about seeking convictions in these cases.

With more than 20 years of experience, I understand how to work with prosecutors to seek dismissal of domestic violence charges that should not have been filed in the first place. I also understand how to navigate the landscape of restraining orders to help you get back into your home and see your children again.

Domestic Violence Defense Strategies

What if the domestic violence charges were no mistake? What if they stem from false allegations made by a spouse trying to gain the upper hand in a child custody battle? What if there is strong evidence against you? My role as your lawyer is to attack the evidence, to find out what really happened and to get you through this in the best possible position, even if it means taking the domestic violence case to trial.

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