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Canton OVI Defense Lawyer

Have you been accused of operating a vehicle impaired (OVI)? This charge, more commonly referred to as driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving under the influence (DUI), can involve either drunk driving or drugged driving.

The consequences of an OVI are serious, particularly for repeat offenders. Driver's license suspension is likely. Jail time is a possibility. Penalties increase if blood alcohol content (BAC) is more than twice the legal limit. You need a Canton OVI defense attorney who will fight to prevent you from having to face these consequences. You can find that attorney at Kaplanis Law Offices.

The Case Against You May Not Be As Strong As You Think

Many people charged with OVI make the mistake of thinking that there is nothing they can do if the BAC test showed .08 or higher. Instead of hiring a lawyer, they plead guilty. Do not make this mistake. There are defenses in OVI cases.

As your lawyer, I will draw from my 20-plus years of experience to find any flaw in the case against you. Did the police have a legitimate reason to pull you over? Were proper breath test procedures followed? Was the testing equipment in working order? I will find out.

Driver's License Suspension

Driver's license suspension is handled separately from the OVI charge. I will assist with this matter, taking every step possible to protect your driving privileges. If suspension cannot be avoided, I will help you obtain limited driving privileges.

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